Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thank You

Its been a long time since i've posted anything and i first want to say thank you to so many who commented on my posts, gave me strength, encouragemet and sometimes a reason for a small smile.

The reason i've been MIA is because i was pregnant and have been blessed with a baby girl. It was a very very tough pregnancy that could've ended with both my baby girl and myself joining my angel but we survived.

I now close this blog in hopes to give her the love and worship that she deserves. I told Mr. hubby today that I was 33% empty before and am now 25% empty, and that it seems unfair to her. His reaponse was she has 25% of us and Azlan will always have his 25%...thats fair to him....she has our love, we never had a chace to show him what he meant to us.

So i end this with tears and a message to all you angel moms and dads, if you try to have another child...it will not be easy...its emotional torture every breath of the way...but is worth all the pain. If you've decided not to, know that you were blessed with your angel for as long as fate allowed and you carry a piece of him or her for all eternity. And if you already have children, never feel guilty for shedding tears for your angel. They deserve to be remembered in ay wa you know how.

Love and hope to all...