Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weapons of Mass Hair-Do's

The last 3 hair cuts I've gotten are all in one way or another linked with Azlan. The first one I got in my first trimester when I was throwing up soooo much, I just wanted to feel better. At the hair dresser, I told the women thank you so much I really needed to be spoiled right now and we went through the usual conversations of how he was the first baby and how the others can get easier. And how we were excited and the usual small talk at a hair dresser.

The second hair cut I then got was about 9 months later. After he was gone and before I returned to work. It was the same place, different hair dresser. All she could do was go on about how thin my hair was and how much my hair was falling out and how I need to come in every 3 months to keep trimming my hair. Each time I was like Uh Huh, yes, you're right, I will...in my head all I heard was blah blah blah blah blah yap yap blah blah.

The third time was 6 months later, just a couple days ago. Same place again, and back to the first hair dresser. Of course neither one of them remembered me. I was very excited about this cut, because I had let my hair grow and grow and it looked pretty lifeless now. I had been trying to get through to them on a number which no longer worked so one Sunday my husband just said to me get ready - time to go...he just took me and left me there to get a cut - so I was caught pretty off guard. The funny thing is, every time I would go to get my hair cut I would go over and over what style I wanted and try to explain to them and they'd usually do a pretty good job. This time I went, picked up a hair style magazine, put it straight down and just told her - this length and feathered or layered or something. Do whatever you want. She cut the length and I'm like sure - thats fine...and she took about 20 minutes to finish. I had waist length hair and now it just falls under my shoulder. I hadn't intended to get it cut so short and my first reaction was "Oh my God" - and my second reaction was "Whatever". She then started to blow dry my hair and I asked her to stop. I HATE HATE blow drying. I feel like the hairdryer is going to burn my scalp off. But she insisted and again I was like OK - go for it.

Ultimately its a kick ass cut. But what I realized that I'm so indifferent about my hair now...where as before I was panicky as a foal. Its not a good or bad thing - just different.

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