Monday, January 19, 2009

The Generation Before Us

There's such a generation gap between every generation I wonder what the generation after mine will think about this one. The way we think, what our priorities are, the way we explain things to the "younger" generation. Everything's different.

We were visiting my husband's aunt - who must be in her late 60's or early 70's. She randomly started talking to us about Azlan, ofocurse never mentioning his name because such things are never mentioned. I wonder if they even know his name. But the gist of her talk to us revovled around trying for more children so that we could forget him. And I really wanted to say to her, we don't WANT to forget him - it has nothing to do with more children or not, we just don't and will not forget him.

And initially I started off exteremely angry at her, how could she just go on and on without thinking of what she was saying. The fact that she'd recently lost her husband did nothing to sooth my anger at her or try to be understanding. I only stayed quiet out of respect for her age. But afterwards, when we were leaving, Salman started talking about how genuine what she was saying was - how her prayers for us were all from the heart. And how we had so many people who actually cared enough for us to try to explain things to us - in their own way, but they cared.

So I guess thats what it comes down to - when people say things that make you wonder "What the hell were you thinking" look at things from their point of view - maybe they're doing only what they know.

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