Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Money and Happiness

About two minutes before my husband told me about J. Travolta's son passing away, he had been showing me pictures of the jets that he owns and flies - and I had said "That just shows that he has way too much money". And then we read that his 16 year old son had passed away.

My heart goes out to that family. Personally I feel that losing a child who is in their teens just is equally hard or harder than losing one who was just born. Both have their own trials.

But, one thing was driven home once again - the daily struggle for money. When it comes down to it money really can't give you what you need. Money really can't give you the happiness you require. When we heard that Azlan was unwell, multiple people told the doctors that money was not an issue. My mom, hubby, hubby's bro - but all the money in the world would not have saved our angel. And so very sadly, all the money in the world could not save J. Travolta's son.

Enjoy the pleasures in life! Running after a career or job that will give you money - is that really going to make you happy?

I think not.

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