Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Numbness

Janice mentioned how the pain changes drastically after the one year mark passes. If before it felt like continuous unlimitless sharp blows to your body after one year it feels like a steamroller went over your soul - a little less sharp and a lot deeper. The pain doesn't disrupt my life in a day to day basis, its there...and his memories always flash themselves in my head but as much as I hate to type this even, its a TINY TINY bit easier.

The person I am is now changing forever...where last year, the time flew by in a tornado of sorrow and pain I think this year will be a little more calm. If last year was the storm, this year will be the calm after the storm.

To all of you out there, please know that even though you don't want them to, things get a little easier. In now way will you forget your little angels...why would you want to? Its just the pain becomes so accepted by your soul it doesn't seem so alien anymore. Your entire journey becomes a part of you.

Another piece almost ready for for my art show:

(Still has some 'cleaning up to do)

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  1. You never think that you will become another person but you're right, you do. It wasn't a choice for me, it just happened. I truly appreciate your thoughts in this post, you don't want it to be easier, but it inevitably is.