Friday, March 20, 2009

Advice to those with Children

Before I begin writing this post, let me make it very clear that I often am extremely hesitant about giving people who have children any kind of advice. I'm thinking, they're probably thinking - who does she think she is? She doesn't have any kids of her own. But let me also say something else, I DID have a child, I DID do a great deal of reading and planning on what he was going to eat, and wear, and when he was going to go to school, when he would be eating his first solid foods, and the kinds of activities he would do at 3 months, and 6 months, and 9 months, and finally when he hit 1 year (which is coming up by the way). I also raised my kid sister like a daughter, so I'm not a complete bimbo thank you very much!

Advice #1: Careers are not as important as kids. You CAN get back into the job market and there ARE ways to work form home thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet. Maternity leave is NOT enough. And you WILL miss very precious moments of your little monster's life and you WILL regret it. So unless its a financial requirement, which realistically it just may be take some time off work. And if you can financially make ends meet by working at home DO IT. What're you doing to regret more? A years worth of professional experience or the first year of your child's growth?

*Please note, I have been in the HR field for nearly 5 years. I know what I'm talking about.

Advice #2: For those of you that complain you just don't have any free time anymore because your children take up too much of your time. STOP COMPLAINING! Yes, I probably have a lot more hours in a day than those of you who have children, but believe me, if your children were taken away from you, you would NOT be happy with the extra time on your hands. Instead of complaining - learn time management and teach your husbands and kids to respect your needs!

Advice #3:When you kid starts walking - don't let them get near dangerous things, like swinging doors and table corners just because you're too lazy to move off the sofa or move from your dinner. It IS your responsibility to watch over your child! Yes I know, accidents happen, but think back and think how many accidents YOU could have avoided by getting off your butt! Tell the same to your spouse!

Advice #4:Don't be lazy about your child's diet. Don't you realize what you're feeding your child now will effect how healthy he/she is in the future? Why must people stuff their child with potatoes and KFC?! If you already are feeding your child well, then awesome, please ignore this. If not, really - apples and boiled carrots along with other fruits and veggies will only do good. They won't jump out and bite you and your child. And again, if you don't have time? Stop being so lazy and get your priorities straight!

Absence makes the heart grow fond - yeah, it sure does - but it also makes you see the lack of appreciation in others!

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