Thursday, March 26, 2009

Its Time to Move On - What's That?

Its funny, I've received this message repeatedly from people close to me this week. I've answered both of them with "God forbid you ever have to know what this feels like, but since you don't - stop telling me to move on". One of them (the He) eventually understood and the other (the She) - well I literally had to walk out on her because she just would not stop pretending to know what she was talking about!

What drove home for He was when I said, it hasn't even been ONE YEAR. At this moment in my life, I'm counting down to Azlan's first birthday and subsequently one year since he's become God's angel. I've already planned my leave for that day. And I've already wondered if those two days will pass by in a blur? And just how I will get over them. And these people are telling me to MOVE ON? He realized that it hasn't even been a year and that it seemed a lot longer to him. I appreciate that. Because even now, it seems like only yesterday I could feel Azlan's little bugger feet poking all around my belly. The She? I didn't even try with her - some people are hopeless.

I'm not ready to accelerate in life, not just yet. For now, I'm on cruise control, and I'm happy as possible with that. I have not pulled the hand breaks on life, and hopefully have no intention of doing it.

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