Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Dedication

My hubby and I are avid listeners to CityFM89 - a local radio station in Karachi. Especially on our drive to work, listening to the Breakfast Show with Mr. Khalid just makes the ride to work a little bit nicer, a little bit funnier, and sometimes a little bit more controversial.

This morning, we were listening to a dedication. The following is what I heard and what I thought:

Heard: "My wife and I love listening to your show while on our way to work"
Thought (And Said): Hehe, how funny they do the same thing we do.

Heard: "Could you please play Sting's 'Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot"
Thought: Yay! Sting, one of my favorites

Heard: "For my lovely & beautiful wife..."
Thought: I'm sure she's sitting next to her husband and typing this SMS out herself, just for kicks!

Heard: "...Sarah"
Thought: Damn, how many coincidences can there by?!

Heard: "Cheers - Sallu"
Thought: WOW! He even has the same nickname...WAIT A MINUTE....

At which time, I turned around to my hubby and just let my mouth fall open...and he simply says you've never heard this song, and he turned the volume up.

As you can see, I can be quite slow in the morning. I really, even up to HIS name, thought it was just a bunch of coincidences. When it finally hit me, I actually had tears in my eyes.

When someone does something that meaningful, things finally start looking up - even if just a little bit. This is what the entire dedication was:

"Hey Khalid. Watsup man! My wife and I really enjoy your water cooler Q's on our drive to work. It's interesting to see what people have to say. Would love it if you could play "Let your soul be your pilot" by Sting for my lovely and beautiful wife, Sarah who I love and treasure so very dearly. Cheers - Sallu"

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