Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reminder to Self

Reminder to Self:

Whenever you get unbelievable angry or short tempered with Mr. Hubby:

- Remember how he spent 22 hours watching you in labor when you're not able to deal with putting aftershave on cut spots
- Remember how he held you every night that you cried your heart out when he would go and cry all alone
- Remmeber how he pushed both of you to go on vacation after Azlan and comforted you when you were wrapped up in your world of misery
- Remmeber how he pushed you to once again be successful for your job when he was going through tough times at his
- Remember how he supported all your insane hobbies that goes more insane after Azlan when he lost his love of playing music
- Remmber how he watched three chick flicks on women's day when he'd much rather be watching the cricket match
- Remember how he helps you in the kitchen when he'd rather rest after a long day at work
- Remember how he constantly tells you to spoil yourself when he doesn't spoil himself at all

Remember how things are just as they were in the beginning, only deeper, stronger and more real than ever before.

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  1. Very good points made. You have an amazing husband.