Tuesday, April 28, 2009

6 Days Left

I think this week will be all about doing completely uncharacteristic things...like staying home alone, watching almost 5 epiusodes of gossip girl and eating a Big Mac meal all alone knowing there's tons of food in the fridge.

I watched gossip girl until my head hurt...went to bed, read The Witch of Portabello until I couldn't keep my eyes open and slept before Mr. Hubby came home from a night with the boys. I think I must've dreamt and cried all night because when I woke up my sinuses were stuffed, my head was heavy, and my eyes look like I had been punched - twice - in each eye.

The day, well I've been fluctuating from hyper to downer to melodramtic. I feel like haven't slept in days and that by the end of the week I will completely lose it. I guess a small thing to be thankful for is that it's only a four day week.

1 comment:

  1. I'm dreading the moment with you. Have you planned to do something to for that day. Maybe that may ease it a bit. I don't know. I pray that as time gets closer you know that we are here with you in your pain.