Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A City Meaner than New York

In a city that I think is meaner than New York (Even though I've never been there but lets face it, New York's reputations precedes it) I don't often expect to see any ounce of kindness from strangers. A few days back, I noticed that an ugly black dog had dug into the dirt in front of 'our house'(we actually rent a portion) and was just sitting there. I figured with the temperature at almost 100F she was probably trying to find a cool place to rest. The next day, I see two white rats next to her...hehehe, not quite rats...they were her puppies! They were so adorable. Honestly, they did look like rats and until you saw their face it was next to imposable to realize that they were actually dogs.

Never in my life had I seen such small dogs. I felt so bad for this dog...I wanted to feed her but was afraid that once her pups were grown up she'd start following me around. Imagine that! A stray dog following you on the streets, puppies or not, that's just freaky! So instead, on this day where the air itself seemed to be sizzling I gave her a bowl of water - and *gasp* even before I put it down she jumped up to get it...Scarry scarry!

Anyways later on in the day I saw that someone had put a big bowl of water down for the dog. I was in shock...(I tend to get in shock a lot I think...maybe I need to have a tag called "shock" for all the posts that say "I was in shock, I was in absolute shock :P)...but very happy.

The next day I came home, was pointing out the water bowls to a friend of mine and realized there was something white and slightly bloated on the grass...and that Ms. Doggy had dug deeper. Sadly, that little white bloated thing was a dead puppy :( I was so sad, its amazing how weak I've become now. Before I would have attributed it the whole circle of life concept but now, I just called Mr. Hubby up and was very upset. I should have known, something worse was coming.

The following day when I got home I saw a bunch of twigs and dead tree parts in Ms. Dog's hole. Turned out that someone on the streets chased the dog and her possibly alive last puppy and put thorns in her hole that took 3 days of effort so that she wouldn't come back.

The city didn't' disappoint me after all. Karachi is meaner than New York.

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