Wednesday, May 20, 2009


In Karachi, there are a few very well known hospitals. South City, Aga Khan and Ziauddin. South City is what a lot of people would call the snob hospital...very pricey very luxorious. The kind that the corporate yuppies go too. Aga Khan is the most well fitted hospital with the latest research and equipment but lacks the personal touch. Zaiuddin is somewhere in between and though not always aparent is considered a pretty decent place.

When one of the directors at my company found out I went to Ziauddin I got hell from him because it wasn't "the best" place to go. I tried telling him how a coworker of ours went there, an ex-employee went there, and my sister in law as well. I still continued to get hell.

Today over a year later I found out that the coworker of mine, who's daughter is just three months older than Azlan would've been got twice as much hell from this director after he found out what happened with Azlan. He GAVE it to her - kept telling her that she shouldn't have gone, that I shoudln't have gone. That it was all because of the hospital.

Over a year later I'm still learning how people reacted. This coworker of mine told me this today at lunch. Never once did we talk about what happened though we had shared every detail of our pregnancies we couldn't talk about this.

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