Thursday, May 14, 2009


I've lost my job. Wow that sounds dramatic and that's not quite the truth either. But the point being, I have to now find a job and this was completely unplanned for. It sprang up as a surprised. Well at least to me it did, though to Mr. Hubby my guess was "He saw it coming".

More difficult than this, or equally as difficult is since I'm in HR, I had the lovely job of doing the first round of lay offs followed by a second. Lay offs is also a dramatic term, but regardless of how you put it thats what it actually is. I actually sent notice periods to friends...which is one reason why I once again remind myself its not a good idea to make FRIENDS in the work place. Acquentences yes. But not FRIENDS. Fortunately or not, these people were my friends before we started working together. Don't we all know that sometimes you can't avoid a bad situation no matter how hard you try.

But today...I guess it really hit me. Get your butt moving and find a job. Your salary pays the rent. And as usual I slowly started to stress about it. After which came this email from Mr. Hubby:

I don’t think u should worry too much about ur job… one… we have money saved to survive… two… we’ve been thru worse.. this is just a bump on the road in life… not a scar… when we’ve already had scars what harm can bumps do huh?

Like I said...Perspective

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