Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

I woke up in a good mood...slept surprisingly well this entire weekend. That's a rare treat. But I started getting snappy with just an odd vibe and energy all around me. And then I remembered, it was mothers day. Initally I was like whatever, doesn't matter...but the FIRST mothers day memories from last year hit me - mothers day came around ONE WEEK after Azlan grew his wings. It was everyone, radio, internet, TV. And I just wanted to bawl the entire day last year. Until my niece, 1 year old, came along and gave me a 'Mothers Day Gift'. Which made me want to bawl some more but somehow made everything a little bit ok.

This Mother's Day, my mom was down with bronchitus, my mom-in-law was down with a fractured foot. We got flowers for both of them and my heart started breaking all over again. I wondered if anyone would remember to get me anything and ofcourse they didn't. That is, until Mr. Hubby randomly said to me during grocery shopping that he wanted to buy me something and that I better tell me what I want before the end of the month or I'll be sorry with whatever he gets for me. At that point, I knew that he remembered.

I'm so thankful that I have someone who's sensitve enough not to rub mothers day in my face but at the same time not forget it for me entirely either.

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