Friday, August 14, 2009

Lost Puzzle Pieces

Ever get that incredible sinking feeling when you feel like nothing will ever fit together quite right again? I've been feeling that way lately and the more i try to fight it, the more it eats away at me from inside. Feeling this way and acting upon it makes everything in life in haywire, from family to friends to work.

Its funny, lately i've been getting a lot of satisfaction from working. I've been working on a project for UNDP involving a citizens report card survey for a government agency (sounds a lot more glamouress than it really is) and free lancing for a chinese agency that is teaching english. I was never the kind of person who made work their first priority, family was always the most important and i'm a little worried that there two categories may switch places.

All there thoughts arise when it feels like things are completely out of whack. I really need to get myself back on track. At least i realize that.

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  1. As I see it, I don't think you will switch them as you said you have noticed that you've been preoccupied with work. But, sometimes the being preoccupied is what helps. You will never forget. The pain will come and go. Your family will be there when your project is done.