Friday, August 21, 2009

Yes Man (Woman)

Jim Carrey's movie, Yes Man is based on a true story. I didn't know this untill I accidentally read the article in TV Guide. On my way to work I was thinking how would that be? Just say Yes to everything without thinking twice.

For someone who overthinks everything, this is extremely hard to do. So I tried it today...for a lunch invitation by some coworkers. I have maybe ONCE gone out for lunch with people form work...being in HR makes it hard to socialize.

It was awesome. I must try saying yes again.


  1. OK I tried to post this when you first posted but some crazy thing kept happening with the computer. So I gave up but I am trying again.

    I was glad to hear that you had a time. I hope you have some more.

  2. Just want to say, Yay! It worked.

  3. This is on October 25th, I thought this might interest you.